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A short history of Southwest Steel Casting Company, its acquisitions and mergers, along with a its current status as a member of the ARI- Industrial Products Group and its parent, American Railcar Industries.


Southwest Steel Casting Company is a custom job shop foundry dedicated to providing a quality product as efficiently and economically as possible. Southwest Steel Casting Company produces castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs in the following metals:

Carbon Steel

Duplex & Super Duplex

Low and High Alloy Steel


Stainless Steel

Austenitic Steels

Low Temperature Steel

Martensitic Steels

Heat Resistant Steel



Located in Longview, Texas, Southwest Steel Casting Company has established itself as a reliable foundry serving the energy, construction, transportation, marine and mining industries.

Southwest Steel operates two Nobake foundries with both arc furnace and induction melting. Support equipment for the molding lines includes both attrition and thermal sand reclamation systems. Additional support equipment includes core making facilities, a large casting cleaning room and analysis equipment for both molding sand and castings.

Southwest Steel has full heat treating services which allow for diffusion of carbon alloying elements, softening, hardenings, stress-relieving, toughening, improved machinability, increased wear resistance, and removal of hydrogen entrapped at the surface of the casting. Finish machining, assembly and painting are services Southwest Steel provides to its customers on a regular basis.

A formal Quality Assurance program, with ISO 9001 certification, insures that the finished product meets the customerís specifications. Southwest Steel is also certified PED certified (Pressure Equipment Directive of the EU) for the manufacture of pressure equipment. Southwest Steel also has an ASNT Level III inspector and multiple ASNT Level II inspectors.

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