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A general listing of the Manufacturing, Administrative and Services facilities at the Southwest Steel Casting Company.

SWS Plant 1
SWS Plant 2 foundry
Services Building
Pattern Storage Building
Administrative Offices
Foundry Offices

Southwest Steel Casting Company is composed of 6 separate facilities :

      ► Plant 1
      ► Plant 2
      ► Services Building
      ► Pattern Storage
      ► Administrative Offices
      ► Foundry Offices

Plant 1
Plant 1 is the original Southwest Steel foundry. It was built in 1971 as a green sand foundry. It has been expanded twice in its history; in 1976 and 1998. From its original size of 17,000 square feet it is now 33,000 square feet which includes a Furnace Department (with one arc and two induction furnaces), Molding and Core Making, Pouring and Shakeout areas, and a Sand Reclamation System (attrition and thermal).

Plant 2
Plant 2 houses 84,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space, which includes a Furnace Department, Molding and Core Making, Pouring and Shakeout areas, Sand Reclamation System (both thermal and attrition), a Cleaning Room (with heat treating, blasting equipment, chipping, grinding, welding and painting), Casting Inspection and Shipping dock.

Services Building
The Services Building houses the Maintenance department, Metallurgical Lab and Stores. It is located centrally between Plants 1 and 2. Generally, the Services Building's facilities are open 24 hours a day to service plant production requirements.

Pattern Storage
To better service customers needs, a pattern storage building was built in late 1996. This building is equipped with a fire suppression system and located away from the foundries to help protect the customers valuable patterns. In 1998, the pattern storage building as added on to, doubling its size to 14,400 square feet.

Administrative Offices
In 1998, Southwest Steel Casting Company built a 6,000 sq. ft. Administrative Offices building. The existing administrative office building was renovated and converted into the Foundry Offices. The Administrative Offices building is used to house the Personnel, Sales, Purchasing, Quality and Accounting departments.

Foundry Offices
In 1998, the existing administrative offices building was renovated and converted into the Foundry Offices. The Foundry Offices building now includes the Plant, Melting, Maintenance, Cleaning Room and Foundry managers alone with the Environmental and Engineering departments.

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