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Overview of the Southwest Steel Casting Company's pattern and core box services.


Southwest Steel Casting Company offers basic pattern services to its customers. These services include the design, layout, and fabrication of new patterns, maintenance of customers existing patterns and pattern storage in Southwest Steel's new Pattern Storage Building.

Southwest Steel's Pattern Shop is primarily setup to maintain and repair existing customer patterns. When new patterns and/or core boxes are required, Southwest Steel will work with one of our local pattern shops to have them built to meet our manufacturing requirements.

The Pattern Storage Building is equipped a fire suppression system and located away from the foundries to help protect the customers valuable patterns. In 1998, the Pattern Storage Building was expanded, doubling its size to 14,400 square feet.

Southwest Steel has recently added FOSECO's FEEDERCALC for Steel which is a computer-based risering program which enables rapid and accurate calculations for the design of optimized casting feeding systems methods. This program allows for rapidly calculating an optimum feeder design for a casting or casting section based on various inputs, such as casting weight, percent shrinkage and molding material.

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