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Overview of types of steel produced at the Southwest Steel Casting Company.


Southwest Steel Casting Company produces castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs in the following metals:

      ► Carbon Steel
Low and High Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel
Low Temperature Steel
Heat Resistant Steel

Southwest Steel has installed two state of the art induction melting furnaces dedicated to producing high alloy steel. These new facilities allow the following metal grades to be poured:

      ► Duplex & Super Duplex
      ► Inconel
Austenitic Steels
Martensitic Steels

The metallurgical specifications for these steels include ASTM A216 WCC, WCB, A217WC6, WC9, A487 4A, 4B, 4C, CA15, CA6NM, CF8M, CF3M, A352, LCC, LCB - All Carbon Steel Grades including exotics.

Steel Castings - General
Steel castings are especially adapted for parts that must withstand wear, shocks or heavy loads. They are stronger than either wrought iron or cast iron or malleable iron and are very tough. Their are two general types of steel castings, carbon and alloy, which are described in greater detail below.

Steel castings can be heat treated to bring about the diffusion of carbon or alloying elements, softening, hardening, stress relieving, toughening, improve machinability, increase wear resistance, and removal of hydrogen entrapped at the surface of the casting. See Southwest Steel's Heat Treating web page for more information.




 Carbon, Stainless

 Exotic Alloys

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