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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Southwest Steel Casting Company's products and capabilities.

     Frequently Asked Questions  




Description of Core Competence






Maximum Pour Weight


Casting Weight Range


Metal Specifications Produced


Heat Treating Capabilities


Rust Prevention/Painting Capabilities


Pattern Shop Capabilities


Machining Capabilities






Quality Certifications


Dimensional Inspection Equipment


Spectrometer/Other Chemical Analysis Equipment


Metallurgical Lab Equipment


Sand Lab Testing Equipment


Non-Destructive Testing Equipment


Welder Qualifications






Melt Equipment


Molding Process


Molding Equipment


Flask/Mold Box Size


Core Sand Used


Core Machines


Core Weight Range


Cleaning Room Equipment/Capabilities



     Answers to Questions  




Description of Core Competence:


Manufacture of Rough and Machined Steel Castings - 65% Pressure


Containing, 15% Construction, 10% Railroad, Balance Class 8 Trucks,


Mining, Marine and Food service.






Maximum Pour Weight:


9,000 lbs. (maximum casting 4,500 lbs.)


Casting Weight Range:


10 to 4,500 Pounds.


Metal Specifications Produced:


ASTM A216 WCC, WCB, A217WC6, WC9, A487 4A, 4B, 4C, CA15, CA6NM


CF8M, CF3M, A352, LCC, LCB - All Carbon Steel Grades.


Duplex & Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Inconel, Nickel, Austenitic (CF8M & CF3M) &
Martensitic (CA15 & CA6NM) steels.


Heat Treating Capabilities:


One (1) Box Furnace, Three (3) Car Bottom Furnaces, One (1) Water Quench


Tank with Cooling Tower with 16,000 gallon Reserve Tank


Rust Prevention/Painting Capabilities:


In Plant Two Dip Tanks; Black Oil Based & Yellow Water Based).


Outside Vendor (Zinc and Cadmium Plating, Power Coat Painting).


Pattern Shop Capabilities:


In Plant (duplicate, rig and repair) Outside Vendors (new patterns/core boxes).


Machining Capabilities:


Compete Services from ARI-IPG Sister Div. Companies & Outside Vendors.






Quality Certifications:


ISO 9001:2000 Certificate Number 32091, Registrar ABS Quality Evaluations.


Dimensional Inspection Equipment:


Bendix Portage Layout Machine.


Spectrometer/Other Chemical Analysis Equipment:


One Spectro Model LAVWA08B and One Baird Spectrometer.


Metallurgical Lab Equipment:


Tensile, Yield, Reduction of Area, Charpy, Brinell Hardness.


Sand Lab Testing Equipment:


Grain Fineness,  Permeability, Tensile, Moisture, Combustibility.


Non-Destructive Testing Equipment:


Magnetic Particle (Ultra Sonic, Gamma Ray).


Welder Qualifications:


ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX.






Melt Equipment:


Two Electric Arc Furnaces, One 2-1/2 ton and One 4-1/2 ton.


Two Induction Furnaces, One 3 ton and One 1 ton.


Molding Process:


100 Percent Chemically Bonded (also known as Airset).


Molding Equipment:


One Tinker Omega TOM-550, One Pacemaster 250 & One Pacemaster 300, and One Tinker Omega TCM250 Continuous Mixers.


Flask/Mold Box Size:


24" x 24", 6" over 6" through 54" x 54", 24" over 24".


Core Sand Used:


Isocure, Airset and Shell.


Core Machines:


Isocure (Redford CB-16, R-2, CMI CB-22) Shell (Dependable 300 & 400)


Airset cores are made on Pacemaster molding loops.


Core Weight Range:


One (1) pound to Four Hundred (400) pounds.


Cleaning Room Equipment/Capabilities:


Three Pangborn Tumblast (10, 26, 34 & 72 GN units), Torch, Arc, Grind, Weld


 and Hydraulic Press.



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