February 1, 2002

Michael McElrath

Longview, Texas

Southwest Steel Casting Company installs new melting transformer over 2001 Christmas/New Years shutdown.

The installation of a larger melting transformer, a Westinghouse 3,000 KVA, at Southwest Steel's Plant 2 furnace department will allow for the reduction of melt times by up to 1/2 hour per heat thereby increasing by 10 to 15 percent per day.

Arc Furnace
Arc furnace tilting to allow molten metal
 to flow into a pouring ladle.

This project, when combined with the shakeout conveyor addition, allows Southwest Steel Casting Company to increase its daily pouring capacity to meet customer demand.

As part of the overall furnace project, new switch gear and electrical operating components where installed to improve overall system reliability.


3,000 KVA Transformer
Westinghouse 3,000 KVA transformer.


Transformer Vault
The old transformer has been removed from the vault. The vault is being cleaned and prep for new electrical gear.


Transformer & Switch Gear
The larger transformer shown in vault and the operating switch gear being installed.