July 7, 2002

Michael McElrath

Longview, Texas

Southwest Steel Casting Company has upgraded their ARC Furnace ladle pits over the July 4, 2002 plant shutdown.
Arc Furnace
Arc furnace tilting to allow molten metal
 to flow into a pouring ladle.

As seen in the picture above, the pit is designed to allow a ladle to be lowered into it so that the arc furnace can tilt forward and discharge the molten steel.

Finished Ladle Pit
Ladle pit shown almost completed. Access ladder installation and guardrail painting are all that remains.

The pouring pits are kept dry and safe. by using a unique drainage system and exterior pit wall sealing material, designed by the Stuart McElrath Company.



Plant 1 Ladle Pit
Workers beginning the forming of vertical
 pit walls. The pit floor, with water stops,
 is also shown in this view.


Plant 2 Ladle Pit Forming
Plant 2 ladle pit forming for vertical walls.


Ladle Pit Walls
Ladle pit walls are shown completed. The
exterior walls will be sealed, the pit
backfilled and the sounding floor poured.