March 1, 2005

Stan Brannon

Longview, Texas

Over the December 2004 Christmas shut-down, Southwest Steel Casting Company installed a brand new quench tank. This new quench tank, which is painted ‘Safety Yellow’ on exterior surfaces, has a working area 10’ Wide x 12” long x 10’ deep, and an overall size of 19’-6” long x 11’-6” wide x 13’-6” tall.

It is recessed in a pit, and contains 2,079 cubic feet (15,550 gallons) of water. Agitation is through impellers mounted at each corner of the tank. This new quench tank will allow Southwest Steel to quench up to 10,000 lbs of carbon steel per hour.

Old Quench Tank
This picture shows the old, above
ground quench tank.

It is equipped with a chart recorder and thermometer, as well as alarms for Low Water, High Water and Over Temperature, all of which are mounted in a separate control panel.

The new quench tank replaces an older unit that was above ground and much small in capacity. By placing the new and larger tank below ground, Southwest Steel will gain increased productively and provide better operator control when placing hot racks of castings into the tank.



New Quench Tank
Southwest Steel's new quench tank pictured outside, ready for installation.


New Quench tank Installed
This picture shows the new quench
 tank setting in a pit, ready to go into production.


Quench Tank Controls
View of the control panel used to integrate the new tank with the
existing pumps and cooling tower.