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Southwest Steel Casting Company achieved certification to the EU's Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).


The Pressure Equipment Directive of the EU sets out the standards for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment generally over 1 liter in volume and having a maximum pressure more than 0.5 bar gauge. The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) was adopted by the European Parliament and the European Council in May 1997. It has initially come into force on November 29 1999 and became mandatory in May 30 2002.

The Directive concerns manufacturers of items such as vessels pressurized storage containers, heat exchangers, steam generators, boilers, industrial piping, safety devices and pressure accessories. Such pressure equipment is widely used in the process industries (oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber and the food and beverage industry), high temperature process industry (glass, paper and board), energy production and in the supply of utilities, heating, air conditioning and gas storage and transportation.

Under the Community regime of the Directive, pressure equipment and assemblies above specified pressure and/or volume thresholds must:

Be safe.

Meet essential safety requirements covering design, manufacture and testing.

Satisfy appropriate conformity assessment procedures; and

Carry the CE marking and other information.

Pressure equipment and assemblies below the specified pressure / volume thresholds must:

Be safe.

Be designed and manufactured according to sound engineering practice.

bear specified markings (but not the CE marking)



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