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Southwest Steel Casting Company achieved certification to ISO-9002 on December 26, 1996. In so doing, SWS becomes only the second foundry in Texas to distinguish itself in this manner.


Since most customers order castings to a certain material grade and/or specification, they expect that the castings which they receive comply with the properties (both chemical and mechanical) called out in those grades/ specifications. "Physical" testing is performed by Southwest Steel as a means of demonstrating/verifying conformance to the required mechanical properties.

Typical physical tests performed include tensile testing (from this test we determine the mechanical properties of Tensile, Yield, Elongation and Reduction of Area), and Charpy V-Notch impact testing, (which determines the impact properties of the steel).

Physical testing is performed on test bars cut from a standard keel block (per ASTM A370), which have been poured on the same heat of steel as the castings it represents, and are heat treated per specification. Unless otherwise advised by the customer, Southwest Steel test bars for tensile testing are machined to a 0.505" diameter, and pulled on a Satec 60 BTE Tensile Tester.

If a customer requires Charpy impact testing, it will be performed on a set of three specimens machined from test bars to 0.394" and break them on the Satec Charpy Impact Tester.

Physical Testing Instruments:

Charpy Impact Tester
   Machine Type: Satec Systems
   Serial Number: 1265
   Calibration: Calibrated annually to NIST standards.

Satec/Strainsense Tensile Tester
   Machine Type: Strainsense
   Model: 60BTE
   Readout: Satec Systems/Baldwin RZOL XCX digital display & data
   Calibration: Calibrated annually to ASTM E4, ISO-100012-1,
      ANSI/NCSL-Z540-1 (incorporating MIL-STD-45662A requirements)
      and ISO/IEC Guide 25

Brinell Hardness Testing
   Machine Type: Service Physical
   Machine Type: Tinius Olsen
   Machine Type: King Portable Testers
   Calibration: Calibrated quarterly per our ISO procedures traceable to
      ASTM E10 and NIST

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