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Southwest Steel Casting Company achieved certification to ISO-9002 on December 26, 1996. In so doing, SWS becomes only the second foundry in Texas to distinguish itself in this manner.


One of the principle components of making a quality casting is the preparation of the sand into which molten metal is poured. To that end, Southwest Steel Casting Company operates a laboratory for the testing of sand to meet AFS standards and which conforms to Southwest Steel's ISO-9001 procedures.

Below is a listing of laboratory test equipment used by Southwest Steel to insure that the sand used for our casting process has the specified properties necessary to produce a quality casting.

Universal Sand Strength Machine
   Machine Type: Dietert Detroit
   Calibration: Calibrated annually

This is a motor-driven dead-weight pendulum instrument featuring uniform loading rates and extended ranges for testing foundry sands.

Combustibles Tester
   Machine Type: Dietert Detroit
   Calibration: Calibrated annually

The Combustibles Test reveals the percentage of sea coal, wood flour, cereal, etc., in the sand.

Sand Testing Sieves
Machine Type:
Dietert Detroit
   Calibration: Screens are inspected monthly for wear

A nest of 11 AFS sand testing sieves for determining the AFS Grain.

Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker
   Machine Type: Dietert Detroit
   Calibration: Inspected monthly for wear

This Sieve Shaker is AFS-approved for determining fineness of foundry sands.


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